Surviving Lockdown – Dreamcatchers

Surviving Lockdown – Dreamcatchers

Hello everyone! So 8 days of lockdown now – cabin fever is setting in slightly but I am so lucky that just outside our door is a track into the woods. We walk it every morning, there is a field on our walk with three sheep in that we visit each day – the girls love running and the sheep follow them!


The last couple of days we have been busy making dreamcatchers. My 10 year old suffers from mild anxiety, she has monthly counselling and normally manages her feelings quite well, however with the lockdown she is missing friends and her counselling has been postponed her anxiety levels have been rising, mainly manifesting itself as nightmares, hence why we decided to make dreamcatchers.

They were so easy to make although younger ones will need an adult to help with the cutting out.

First, we cut out two circles (doughnuts) from a cardboard box (luckily I had just had a new hoover delivered so we had plenty of box!) As you can see the girls used a side plate for the template  – Oceane was quite happy colouring in the plate!  

They then marked holes on the rim of one doughnut and I punched holes in them for them. Using string they threaded the ring to make it look like a web.

They then added a string hook and a tail and then glued the second ring over the top to hold it all in place.

After leaving it to dry and then decorated it, We added feathers and pom-poms to the tail too and voila, Dream catchers ready to hang up and catch those bad dreams!


The girls worked really well together on this, especially as the older two needed to help Oceane with hers. It’s great to see them working together

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