Surviving Lockdown – Day 13 – Sunshine and Sand!

Welcome to Surviving Lockdown – Day 13. Today the sun has been shining and the sand has been out!


What a glorious day and how lucky we are to have our little garden – it has certainly helped to stave off the insanity!

Today we decided to get out the sand, both Oceane and Mariam enjoy playing in the sand, Oceane has a small sandpit and they often play in that but there is not much room! Today we decided to put it into the tuff tray and then to shake it up a bit we added a tin of shaving cream!

Sand foam is a wonderful sensory experience – it’s soft and foamy! The girls dipped in and out of it for the whole day. I added some alphabet moulds as Oceane is starting to ask questions about letters at the moment and remembering some of them too! She loved exploring them and moving them around.


In the sun the foam did dry out but that did mean I am able to save the sand for another day! Bonus.


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