Easter Egg-Box Animals.

Easter Egg-Box Animals

Easter is usually a family affair here at Mess Around West Suffolk so spending it in lockdown isn’t going to change things too much this year. We are still going to do our Egg Hunt, eat lot’s of chocolate and eat a lovely roast dinner!

The one difference this year is that we are at home more in the run-up to Easter, enabling us to do more craft! We have a fantastic small farm up the road from us, and we have been buying our eggs from there as they are lovely – and we have lots of egg boxes (we like eggs!), so we decided to have a go at making something from the egg boxes.

We made these cute chick and bunny egg holders – they will make fantastic gifts, and we are going to give some to our neighbours this year. 

They were straightforward to make:

You will need –

an egg box



cotton wool

googly eyes

masking tape



  1. Cut out the egg containers and trim any excess so the tops are flat and even. You will need two per animal and they need to be able to sit on top of each other.
  2. Use the masking tape to join the two egg cartons together by putting a small strip on the back of the two egg cartons and then a piece on the inside (it needs to make a hinge.


3. Paint the egg cartons – we used pink for the Bunny and Yellow for the chick, but you could use any colour you want. We used homemade paints that we made two days ago.

4. When dry stick on the googly eyes, for the bunny we then stuck on ears cut out of some card, and use cotton wool for the tail and nose. For the chick, we used a small piece of orange card for the beak.









5. Fill with shred paper and mini eggs!

How simple was that! The girls all enjoyed making them, and they look great on the kitchen windowsill. I am sure the neighbours will love to receive these – who doesn’t like a homemade gift!


You could make all sorts of animals and if you are feeling adventurous why not line the inside with some cling film add cotton wool and then grow some cress in them?

I hope you have as much fun as we did! Remember to share your pictures over on my Facebook page!