We are all Superheroes!

Last year I did a blog about Everyday Heroes and it seems more poignant than ever in this current climate and it is important to remember that We are all Superheroes!


Our next Mess Around Live is Super Mess and this gave me a chance to have a Superhero theme day with the girls – they are well aware of the heroes around us  – the fearless frontline and Key workers who go to work every day, risking their lives for us. But what about our children – having to leave school abruptly, leave their friends, their routine? What about you – who have had to adjust to homeschooling, working from home, closing businesses and losing jobs – I think you are all heroes too.
This little craft activity is perfect for showing your children that they are heroes -by turning them into superheroes!
We had great fun doing this and making Superhero poses! Such a simple activity – check out below what we did!
You will need:
Felt tips or paint, photos of the people you want to turn into superheroes, superhero templates which can be downloaded here Girl  Boy
Colour and decorate the superhero templates and then cut out the photo faces and glue to the sheet – since dry you can cut out and enjoy!
We all got involved (including Dad!) Share your superheroes below!
Don’t forget to tune into Mess Around Uk Live for a Super Mess at home party! 11am Tuesday 14th April.

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