Faster Than A Speeding Spud!

What lovely weather we have been having, we have bee so lucky for our Easter Weekend. Don’t forget to join Mess Around Ltd on Tuesday for Super Mess Party at home – we can not wait and have been having such fun with lots of superhero activities.

Our last Superhero activity saw us zooming Faster Than A Speeding Spud! 

The girls thought it was highly amusing to create superheroes from vegetables and were so eager to get involved!

Check out what we did:

You will need –

  • Vegetables (we used potatoes and carrots, but you could use parsnips, swede, turnip)
  • Felt (we got felt squares)
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Wooden toothpicks

What we did:

First, we cut two thin strips to act as the mask and glued on two googly eyes

Then we cut a square of felt so it was thinner at the top and flared at the bottom

To attach the felt we tried to use the PVA glue but it just didn’t stick, hence the toothpicks! We used them to attach the mask around the veg and the cape and hey presto! A Super Spud and a Cool Carrot!  

It’s been a very strange time over the last three weeks and these craft activities have been a great release for me and the girls! It has managed to keep us busy and gives them something to focus on each day. There have been days where we have done nothing, the mum guilt on those days is huge, especially when I see social media posts of school rooms and this craft and that craft being done. It’s on those days that I need to take a step back and remind myself I am doing what is right for MY children and MY mental health.


The blogs I am doing are not meant to guilt anyone, they are purely to give people ideas who are looking for things to do!

I hope you enjoy them and I would love to see any pictures if you do give them a go!


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