A Very Happimess!

Hello Messy Mummies (and Daddies) We are now entering the fourth week of being off school so today we decided to make A Very Happimess!

To celebrate the release of the new Trolls movie, and because May should have been our Happpimess event we decided to make some Trolls!

I love the Troll movie and can’t wait to see the new movie. We are saving that one for when we need a total chill out day – which maybe soon!

I love quick and easy activities (as you can tell from my blogs!) I have a mix of age ranges with my daughters (2, 10 and 12) so need activities to entertain them all, plus my 2 year old currently only focuses for about 5-10 minutes!

So how did we make our fantastic troll heads? 

To begin with, you need some large pebbles (you can get a bag of them from garden centres if you don’t have any suitable) and paint them the colour you want – we used a neon pink for Poppy and blue for Biggie – but you can use any colour you want! We painted them and left them overnight to dry – Oceane loved painting the pebbles and managed to get more paint on the Tuff tray more than the pebble!




The next day we stuck on googly eyes and then used paper shred to stick on for the hair – I put a band of glue on the top of the pebble and grabbed a bunch of shred and help it to the glue. I put a bit more on top of the shred.  We then stuck on some little bows that we had bought from Amazon and Oceane went wild with the stick on gems (she could spend ages just sticking stickers onto things at the moment!) Black felt tip for the face and Bingo!

We have placed the Trolls in Oceane’s and Mariam’s bedrooms and one we left outside our neighbour’s house for her little girl!


I couldn’t believe how simple these were to make and it’s an activity we will definitely be using again!

If your Mess Makers are enjoying the Troll movie why not try some of these activities too:

Biggie Blue Slime – Slime is one of the favourites at our events and this is easy to do! Grate a bar of soap into a tray, add a kettle full of hot water and some blue food colouring and whisk. Keep whisking until very frothy and all the soap bits have dissolved. leave to cool whisking every few minutes. Once set add some more warm water and use your hands to break it up and mix it in. You can use spoons and container for the children to pour and scoop or they could just use their fingers!






Crazy Foam – why not grab some Mouldable Soap (can be purchased at Tesco, Amazon or Ebay) and use it to make Poppy’s hair in a Tuff Tray, you could add a laminate of her face to make it more realistic!


I’d love to see any pictures if you give these a try and don’t forget to join Krissy at Mess Around Ltd April 28th 11 am for lots more Happimess ideas and fun!


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