Paper Chain Snake!

After a lovely, bank holiday weekend at with the family, the girls got back into their schooling (they finished a week earlier for Easter holidays) so it was time for me and Oceane to spend some time together so we decided to have a go at a Paper Chain Snake!

We had great fun and I was really surprised at how quickly Oceane grasped how to make the chains!

All you need to make this cute critter is some strips of paper – we used green and orange but you could use any colours you want, glue and googly eyes. We also used pom-poms to decorate you could use sequins, shapes, felt tips or just leave them blank.

Make a paper chain by looping glueing one strip of paper on the short edge and sticking to the other short edge, then do the same with the next strip making sure it goes through the first circle, keep building the chain in this way to the length you want. 

Then cut a slightly pointed oval for the face, glue on googly eyes and then cut a small rectangle of red paper for the tongue, cutting a v shape into one end. Glue to the face.


Next, stick the face onto the first paperchain. We then glued pom poms to alternate chains for some extra decoration (this meant that when it move the chains with the pom-poms on went under so I did glue each chain together to keep it from moving)

Oceane loved doing this and as you can see from the video she quite quickly grasped the alternate colours, where to put the glue and how to foldover the paper


I’d love to see your paper chain creations so please feel free to share them on our Facebook page


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