Paper Plates at the Beach!

Hello! On Tuesday Mess Around at Home is bringing you Life’s A Beach! We thought we would get stuck in with some Paper Plates at the Beach!

I love the Life’s a Beach Theme – it was my very first Launch event last June and I was so looking forward to running it again this year! I love paper plate crafts – we always have lots of paper plates in the house so this was an easy activity to set up and we had so many various things to choose from that it suited all three of my girls! We all spent a fairly chilly afternoon engrossed in these crafts and now have a lovely paper plate display on our dining room unit!

Have a look below at some of the crafts we did.

1. Paper Plate Turtle;

I chose this one as Oceane fell in love with the turtles when we visited the sea life centre before lockdown began. I also thought it was a fun and fairly easy activity for her.

All you need is a paper plate, PVA glue, tissue paper, construction paper and googly eyes.  

Cut the tissue paper into squares and stick over the paper plate, cut out head, feet and tail from the construction paper and add to the plate – hey presto a colourful turtle.




2. Rocking Crab;

This one is slightly trickier – as it involves some folding.

For this, you need a paper plate, paint and googly eyes. (you could use pipe cleaners if you have them)

Fold the plate before painting – fold in half, then you need to fold both corners (see pictures below) then open out and fold the corners in.


Once you have folded it you can then paint it. Cut two claws out of card or another paper plate. If you have pipe cleaners you can stick googly eyes to them, we didn’t have any so we used some more card and painted that red too. Once dry we stuck it together – it looks rather cute!


3. Paper Plate Sea Horse

Alissa had a go at this one as she likes sea horses!

All you need is a paper plate, felt tips (or paint) glitter and decorations, one googly eye.


Draw the sea horse shape along the edge of the plate, cut out and decorate. Stick on the eye! Alissa enjoys colouring in so she chose to use the felt tips rather than paint for this one. You could sparkly it up a bit with glitter, we used some stick-on gems and a little silk bow for a sweet look!

4. Rocking Mermaid

This was the one Mariam chose to do which surprised me a bit as she is not a girly girl really and I wouldn’t have put mermaids with her!

Anyway, for this you will need, a paper plate, paint, decorations such as pom poms or glitter and the mermaid printable here.

Fold the paper plate in half and paint the rim and the middle blue bit leave the space between the rim and the middle white.


Colour in the mermaid printable and cut it out. Stick the head and tail where the white piece of plate is and then decorate the white part as this is the tail. Add any other decorations you may wish, Mariam added fish to hers.

5. Paper Plate Pufferfish.

You will need a paper plate, googly eyes, paint and construction paper.

Paint the plate using two colours and allow to dry.

Once dry cut out sections of the rim (see picture) then cut the top of the sections left.


Next, add two fins and the eyes. As you can see Oceane enjoyed the freedom to paint her plate and decorate it as she wished! She had great fun just painting and sticking (she has not quite learnt less is more yet!)


6. Paper plate fish. 

Alissa grabbed the paint for this one and nearly got as messy as Oceane!

You will need a paper plate, paint, PVA glue and cupcake cases.


Cut out a v shape for the mouth and paint the plate. Cut cupcake cases into quarters and stick to the plate and add an eye and some fins from another plate.

7. Rocking Submarine.

Another rocking plate!

For this, you will need a paper plate, tissue paper, paint and PVA glue.


Fold the plate in half and then open up. Draw the submarine shape from the fold and cut out (so it pops up when refolded) now lay flat and paint the middle section yellow. Use the blue tissue paper to add a sea along the rim of the plate. If you have some little seashells or scalloped sequins you could use these. Once dry you can add the windows using felt tips.

I also found two paper plate jellyfish I made last year in my craft box – If you came to my launch event last June you will recognise them! A paper bowl covered in tissue paper with a gift ribbon made a great jellyfish and a lolly stick and some wool made a little jellyfish puppet! I told you I loved Paper Plate crafts!



I would love to see some of your creations, feel free to share them on our Facebook page and do not forget to tune in on Tuesday for Mess Around Party at Home – Life’s A Beach!

Stay Safe and have fun

Rachelle x

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