Poptastic Tie Dye.

I am buzzing! This Tuesday the Messy Play at Home is POPTASTIC!  You can join Krissy and the team here 11 am Tuesday 19th May.

I was gutted to be missing this as an event as I can just imagine that the playlist is banging (and totally my era – yes I am that old!)

So what else could we do for this theme but some Poptastic Tie Dye! I LOVE Tie Dye and always, somehow, managed to plan it into an art lesson when teaching! Alissa has ad a go at this before ( I used to teach her!) but Mariam has never done it – Shock, horror!

Time to get busy! We had great fun doing this and we even managed to do it without dye! Yes, you read that right! We used food colouring and although the colours are more muted than normal they still look fab! My girls haven’t stopped wearing them!

Heres what we did:

You will need:

plain white t-shirt/cloth. We used an old vest of Oceanes and the girls pinched two of Alastairs t-shirts.

Distilled vinegar, food colouring, elastic bands, small sauce bottles, salt, water, gloves, bowl or bucket, sandwich bags.

Before you get started you will need to soak the t-shirts in a water/vinegar mix for at least 1 hour. we mixed equal parts water to vinegar (it must be distilled as normal brown vinegar stains the fabric)

Once you have soaked it remove and wring out the excess water but be ready to start as the fabric needs to be damp.

The girls each tried a different design. Alissa decided to swirl hers like a huge cinnamon roll, once done she just used a couple of elastic bands to keep it together.






Mariam decided to go for stripes. She started at the shoulder and rolled her t-shirt into a big sausage, she then folded it in half. She placed elastic bands at regular intervals along the sausage.







For Oceane’s we decided to go for a crumpled look. We balled up the vest and then placed a series of random elastic bands over it!

Next comes the fun (you will need gloves for this!) We had already premixed the food colouring with water into the little sauce bottles. We kept it to just 4 complementing colours.

The girls then squeezed drops of the colour onto different parts of the fabric. The colour spreads so it’s worth waiting a few seconds. They did this until they had coated their fabric.


Now comes the part they found hard! Put the t-shirt into a sandwich bag, Seal, with as little air as possible, and leave in a warm place for at least 8 hours. Try not to move it or the colours may run. We left ours for 24 hours to make sure the colour had really taken.

After leaving it you will need your gloves back on and you are now ready to remove the elastic bands. We then dipped the t-shirts into a salt water solution to help “set” the colour. Then you will need to rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. This is where we did lose a lot of the vibrant colour, as the food dye is only staining the fabric rather than dying it.


Leave to dry and they are ready to wear. I would recommend you wash on own and possibly in cold water the first time you wash. We haven’t washed ours yet so I can’t tell you if the colour remained or not! Fingers crossed!

Don’t they look fab though?

We loved doing this and I loved playing 80’s music while we did (not sure the girls appreciated it!)

I’d love to see your creations. Please feel free to share them on our Facebook page. 

Don’t forget to tune in at 11am Tuesday 19th May to Mess Around at Home POPTASTIC Party!.

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