The Toys Are Back In Town!

Hello everyone! I really hope you are all well and coping with lockdown life!

The Toys Are Back In Town for a Mess Around at Home Party on Tuesday 26th May 11 am – you can join the live here.

To get in the mood we had a go at making some toys!

Oceane and I made a couple of paper plate frogs (you remember we love paper plates!), then I set Mariam a task to make and photograph some egg box cars – she did a good job as you will be able to see from the video!

Paper Plate Frogs!

We made two types as we literally have hundreds of paper plates! Oceane loves painting them so we had lots of extra “frogs” kicking about!

We began by painting some of the plates green and some green on one side and red on the other.

After they had dried we folded the green and red ones in half so the red is in the inside. We then used some green card to make the eyes and stick them on the top of the plate. We finished the eyes with white paper and a black pen. We then cut a strip of red paper, rolled it around a pen and stuck one end inside the mouth.




For the other frog we left the plate whole, we used green card to draw around Oceanes hands and stuck them on the side as feet. Using a couple more paper plates we made the eyes and then used the black pen for the pupils and mouth. Some more rolled red paper for the mouth and there we have two very cute frogs! Oceane spent ages playing with them and jumping around the house as a frog!

I gave Mariam the task of making, photographing and making a video of the egg box cars – she had a great time and felt very important! You can check out her video below.




I hope you have a great time making these and as always I’d love to see your creations on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to tune in at 11am on Tuesday!

Stay safe