Father’s Day in Lockdown 2020!

Hello, again my Lovely Mess Around Family – Who’d have thought back in March we would be celebrating Father’s Day in Lockdown 2020! It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it! But here we are and I think by now we are all just managing to make the most of the situation we are in!

We for one are – I have to say we have quite enjoyed the majority of lockdown (granted I hate my little Messy Play business being closed) but as a family, we have had more time together, more laughter, calmer and certainly more relaxed than we have all been for a long time.

It’s starting to get busy now but I’m not complaining – it’s busy due to our Make A Mess At Home kits so it means I’m back in my kitchen, music on doing what I love best  – making mess for all you lovely lot! A huge thank you to all that have ordered kits, if you want one please head over to our shop to check them out – chose from 3, 4, 5 or 8 messy items all ready to go in a handy tray too – delivered directly to your door. We haven’t forgotten your older mess makers either! We also have DIY Slime kits, with all they need to become masters of slime (and we’ve even thrown in some Slime Science so you can make some home-schooling links!)

So Father’s day – well I always have an issue when it comes to buying first for my other half – he has everything, you name it he probably has some version of it or another! And normally when I do finally find some gem 9 times out of 10 he goes and buys it just before I’m about to give him it! Nightmare. Because of this, we tend to stick to homemade!

This year Alissa and Mariam wanted to have a go at Origami! I had seen a cute little shirt and tie so I printed out the instructions, gave them the paper and left them to it! The video below has been put together by Mariam and explains what you need to do. They’ve turned out quite lovely really.


For Oceane we decided to create a fingerprint masterpiece! She really enjoys painting at the moment so it seemed the best way to go!

We started with two pieces of card and used masking tape to spell the word “Dad” and a love heart and then I just let her loose with the paint! It all started so carefully little fingerprints all over and then she decided to use her toes as well, that’s when we lost the fingerprint and it became paint everywhere! hands, arms, feet! Once she had decided that she had put enough paint on the card we left it to dry and then carefully peeled the tape away. I am actually quite pleased with the results and it’s all her own work too!

I hope hubby likes his gifts  – I do know he won’t be able to buy these before Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s day to all my Messy Dads, Step-dads, Grandads, and Grandpas out there – enjoy your day!

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