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Welcome to Mess Around West Suffolk.

My name is Rachelle and I am a mum to three wonderful girls along with a step mum to two boys! We have a busy house and I love it!

After being a primary teacher for twenty years (5 of those as a Deputy Head teacher) I decided I needed to get my work life balance back and spend more time with my children. Mess Around popped up on my Facebook page and I was immediately drawn to it. Teaching early years I see the huge benefits of messy play, being a mum I understand the pain of tidying up afterwards, Mess around is a perfect solution!

I attended a session to see what it was like and loved every minute. It was great to see the children having a wonderful time their families being involved too.

I’m looking forward to getting messy with you all.


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Father’s Day in Lockdown 2020!

Hello, again my Lovely Mess Around Family – Who’d have thought back in March we would be celebrating Father’s Day in Lockdown 2020! It’s all a bit crazy isn’t it! But here we are and I think by now we are all just managing to make the most of the situation we are in! We…
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The Toys Are Back In Town!

Hello everyone! I really hope you are all well and coping with lockdown life! The Toys Are Back In Town for a Mess Around at Home Party on Tuesday 26th May 11 am – you can join the live here. To get in the mood we had a go at making some toys! Oceane and…
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Poptastic Tie Dye.

I am buzzing! This Tuesday the Messy Play at Home is POPTASTIC!  You can join Krissy and the team here 11 am Tuesday 19th May. I was gutted to be missing this as an event as I can just imagine that the playlist is banging (and totally my era – yes I am that old!)…
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Messy Minion Magic.

Hello and welcome to another week in lockdown, I hope you are all managing and getting by, I miss all my messy crew very much and can not wait to see you all again soon. I hope you are enjoying the Mess Around At Home Parties each Tuesday, I know we are! Next Tuesday (12th…
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Paper Plates at the Beach!

Hello! On Tuesday Mess Around at Home is bringing you Life’s A Beach! We thought we would get stuck in with some Paper Plates at the Beach! I love the Life’s a Beach Theme – it was my very first Launch event last June and I was so looking forward to running it again this…
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Paper Chain Snake!

After a lovely, bank holiday weekend at with the family, the girls got back into their schooling (they finished a week earlier for Easter holidays) so it was time for me and Oceane to spend some time together so we decided to have a go at a Paper Chain Snake! We had great fun and…
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A Very Happimess!

Hello Messy Mummies (and Daddies) We are now entering the fourth week of being off school so today we decided to make A Very Happimess! To celebrate the release of the new Trolls movie, and because May should have been our Happpimess event we decided to make some Trolls! I love the Troll movie and…
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Faster Than A Speeding Spud!

What lovely weather we have been having, we have bee so lucky for our Easter Weekend. Don’t forget to join Mess Around Ltd on Tuesday for Super Mess Party at home – we can not wait and have been having such fun with lots of superhero activities. Our last Superhero activity saw us zooming Faster…
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A Superhero Saturday!

Today was another superhero kind of day A Superhero Saturday! We decided to make hero puppets today using a fantastic template from Mess Around Ltd.  Another simple activity to do and one that kept the girls occupied for a while, Oceane spent ages playing with the puppets and it even prompted her to go and…
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We are all Superheroes!

Last year I did a blog about Everyday Heroes and it seems more poignant than ever in this current climate and it is important to remember that We are all Superheroes!   Our next Mess Around Live is Super Mess and this gave me a chance to have a Superhero theme day with the girls…
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Easter Egg-Box Animals.

Easter Egg-Box Animals Easter is usually a family affair here at Mess Around West Suffolk so spending it in lockdown isn’t going to change things too much this year. We are still going to do our Egg Hunt, eat lot’s of chocolate and eat a lovely roast dinner! The one difference this year is that…
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No Paint – No Worries!

No Paint  – No Worries! All week I have been trying to get some more paint for the girls to use in their craft activities. I have red, blue, yellow and green from our messy play events but the girls have depleted the rest of my colours! After another failed attempt today I decided to…
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Surviving Lockdown – Day 13 – Sunshine and Sand!

Welcome to Surviving Lockdown – Day 13. Today the sun has been shining and the sand has been out!   What a glorious day and how lucky we are to have our little garden – it has certainly helped to stave off the insanity! Today we decided to get out the sand, both Oceane and…
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Surviving Lockdown – Dreamcatchers

Surviving Lockdown – Dreamcatchers Hello everyone! So 8 days of lockdown now – cabin fever is setting in slightly but I am so lucky that just outside our door is a track into the woods. We walk it every morning, there is a field on our walk with three sheep in that we visit each…
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Boxes, Pom Poms, Glue and Stuff.

Boxes, Pom Poms, Glue and Stuff! Day 6 of lockdown and the weather has turned! It’s cold, windy and rainy at the moment so we have had to spend more time indoors. The cabin fever is hitting me but the children seem to be handling it well! I have had to relax my views on…
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Surviving Lockdown – A Diary, day 2

Day 2 in The Hutt House!  This is how we are Surviving Lockdown! (Does anyone else hear this in the Big Brother voice!) We find ourselves in such strange but necessary times at the moment and I find myself doing something  I haven’t done in a long time – Keep a journal. I thought it…
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A Messy Mother’s Day

So an unusual Mother’s day for us all today and A Messy Mother’s Day for me!. No meals out, no meeting up with mums and grandparents -but guess what, we got through. We made it special. I have seen lots of people on Facebook sharing lovely positive posts about their Mother’s day and I wanted…
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Sticky, Muddy, Fun!

Hello, my lovely Messy Family, Today we had Sticky Muddy Fun! It’s been a really emotional day today, My little mess machine and me dropped her sisters of for the bus this morning for what could potentially be their last day in Years 5 and 7, her daddy is currently stuck in Canterbury and we…
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A Messy March in the Jungle!

It’s been so busy here at Mess Around West Suffolk – we have had a fantastic February with our new theme The Greatest Mess and I can’t wait to do it all again next year! Rumble in the Jungle is fully underway, and it is proving messy! I am loving this theme too! We still…
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Birthdays and Ballerinas!

Hello and welcome to 2020! Who would have thought it! If you are as old as me then Pulps song “Year 2000” made 2000 seem like a world away but 2020 was a thing in the films – with flying, self-driving cars and robots doing everything for us! We are nearly there, I think! Our…
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Bespoke equipment, materials and toys hire package.

Prices start from £50 and include the following;

  • Small tarpaulin
  • Two Tuff trays
  • One Channel set for slime, water or a rolling activity
  • One shallow tubtrug

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