Messy-Mayhem Kit (All 8 materials)

Messy-Mayhem Kit (All 8 materials)


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Introducing Mess Around West Suffolk’s Messy-Mayhem Kit (All 8 materials), a new range of messy play materials for you to use at home!  Ready prepared and delivered to your doorstep – All you have to do is unpack, add your own toys/utensils and get ready to get MESSY!

Included in the Messy-Mayhem kit:

  • Messy Play at Home Tray
  • Full set of 8 Messy Materials
  • Instructions and Play ideas
  • Free Doorstep delivery

Example of 5 kit / Tray – Contents will vary dependent on the size of your Kit and your Pick & Mix choices







Pick & Mix Messy Materials List:

  1. Coloured Rice (4 pots – colours may vary).
  2. Soap Mud –  (1 Pot – Colour may vary)
  3. Cloud Dough – Peppermint, Cocoa or Both (2 Pots)
  4. Soap Slime –  (1 Pot – colour may vary)
  5. Water beads (Multi-coloured – 1 pot)
  6. Shaving Foam – (1 Can)
  7. Cornflour Gloop – Cocoa or Coloured (1 Pot)
  8. Homemade Play Dough & Personalised Playdough Mat – Green Dinosaur theme or Pink Unicorn theme (1 Pot and 1 A4 Mat).

***Add the name for the playdough mat in the notes section please***

***Downloadable Messy Play Instructions and play ideas via link in confirmation email***

Please note that our products are for Home Delivery only across postcodes IP14, 22, 24-33. Postal charges apply for delivery out of the area. (email to check delivery)

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